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Welcome to the website of Dongil Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

We are dedicating ourselves to research and development with all our heart
to make products that can satisfy and inspire our customers with an aim of building
a true company and a sense of pride.

In particular, with the belief that "toothpastes are a home dentist",
we are focusing all our resources on developing a luxury toothpaste that gives best effects to the
health of tooth using functional ingredients extracted from natural materials..

Our products are exported to about 10 countries around the world,
including the UK with functions and effects that are proven, loved and praised
by many customers in the country, which is fruitful and glorious for all our employees.

We undertake that we will keep dedicating ourselves to producing more reliable products
with quality ingredients and processes according to our conscience to
live up to the name of home dentist for our customers.

Thank you.